Important dates

    February/14Registration open
    April/21 Deadline for funding support request
    April/30 Deadline for abstract submission
    May/7 Deadline for hotel reservation support
    May/20 Deadline for registratoin (extended)
    May/21, 22 Workshop dates

Registration fee

  • Free for attending the workshop only and for students
  • NT$ 1,000 (about US $35) for those who attend the full schedule

Banquet place

Immigration information

  • Nationals of Japan, Korea and most of the countries in Europe and north America are eligible for the visa-exempt entry.
    Please check here for more information.
  • Foreign people without visa are required to fill an arrival card.
    You can also make an online application from here.
    Detailed guide (Japanese) can be found here.
  • Foreign frequent visitors who visited Taiwan at least 3 times in the past 12 months can apply for Speedy Immigration Inspection Certificate here.
    Detailed guide (Japanese) can be found here.

Transportation from airports

  • Most international flights land in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (Airport Code: TPE) which is situated 40km southwest of Taipei.
  • A new metro line (MRT) started service in 2017/Feb. The detailed information (Japanese) can be found here.
    A campaign is on going that if two people buy the tickets one can get it for free (兩人同行一人免費)
  • Another way is to use the bus. A Japanese guide is here .
  • Taipei Songshan Airport (Airport code: TSA) serves domestic flights and short-haul services to mainland China and Japan-Haneda(HND)/Korea-Gimpo(GMP). It's close to the Taipei city center; 15 minutes by taxy (approximately NT$250) and 30 minutes by Metro.