09:00~09:10Henry Wong (ASIoP) Opening remarks
  Chaired by Henry Wong (ASIoP)
09:10~10:00Rick Savage (LHO) LIGO overview and future prospects
10:00~10:30Takaaki Kajita (ICRR) KAGRA overview
  Chaired by Takayuki Tomaru (KEK)
10:50~11:10Takafumi Ushiba (U.Tokyo) Development of cryogenic system in KAGRA
11:10~11:30Yuki Inoue (ASIoP) Development of photon calibrator system in KAGRA
11:30~11:55Wei-Tou Ni (NTHU) A brief history of experimental gravitational wave research and its future outlook
11:55~12:20Da-Shin Lee (NDHU) Quantum Noise in Mirror-Field Systems: Beating the Standard Quantum Limit
12:20~13:30Lunch (Lunch boxes will be prepared)
  Chaired by Yuan-Hann Chang (NCU)
13:30~13:50Shiuh Chao (NTHU) Mirror coatings for next generation detector
13:50~14:10Wang-Yau Cheng (NCU) Ideas and discussion for the light source in GW projects
14:10~14:30Albert Kong (NTHU) Future multimessenger observations in Taiwan
14:30~14:50Hung-Yi Pu (ASIAA) Another Extreme Challenge in Multi-messenger Astronomy: Black Hole Shadowi
  Chaired by Hwei-Jang Yo (NCKU)
15:10~15:30Tjonnie Li (CUHK) Gravitational Lensing of Gravitational Waves
15:30~15:50 Kin-Wang Ng (ASIoP) Primordial black holes and gravitational waves
15:50~16:10Feng-Li Lin (NTNU) Overview of numerical gravity for gravitational wave physics and the inspired long-term plan in Taiwan
16:10~16:30Chun-Yu Lin (NCHC) Numerical relativity and post-circular waveform modeling
  Chaired by Sadakazu Haino (ASIoP)
16:30~17:30  Discussions
17:30~17:40Hoi-Lai Yu (ASIoP) Closing remarks