Sept 14  ·  Friday
 Chaired by Chopin Soo (NCKU)
11:00~12:00Wei-Tou NiSolar-System tests of Relativistic Gravity and ASTROD I
12:30~14:00Lunch + Organizational Meeting
 Chaired by James Nester (NCU)
14:00~15:00Chun-Yen LinIs Coopenhagen interpretation possible for quantum gravity with a quantum mechanical clock ?
15:00~16:00Dah-Wei ChiouTimeless Quantum Mechanics
 Chaired by Chiang-Mei Chen (NCU)
16:20~17:20Hoi-Lai Yu Intrinsic Time and Initial Value Problem
17:20~17:50Ching-Yi ChouAffine group representation formalism for four dimensional, Lorentzian, quantum gravity
17:50~19:00Discussion + Dinner

Sept 15  ·  Saturday
 Chaired by Wei-Tou Ni (NTHU)
10:00~11:00Chun-Yu LinModified formulations & standard tests of numerical relativity
11:20~12:20Chiang-Mei ChenParticle creation in charged black holes
12:20~14:00Lunch + Discussion on founding Gravity Society
 Chaired by Hing-Tong Cho (TKU)
14:00~15:00Jason BatesComputation of stress tensor fluctuations in stochastic gravity
15:00~16:00Shoichi KawamotoLarge-N Renormalization Group and matrix models
 Chaired by Chun-Yu Lin (NCHC)
16:20~17:20Chih-Hung WangExtended inflation with torsion
17:20~17:50Jian-Liang LiuMatching four-metric on the two-surface as the reference choice of quasi-local energy
17:50~19:00Discussion + Dinner