Workshop on Recent Advances in Gravitational Physics will be held on September 14 - 15, 2012 at the National Cheng-Kung University. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers to report on recent progress in gravitational physics. Contributed talks are encouraged. We look forward to your participation and to meeting you in Tainan.


  • Chopin Soo (NCKU)
  • Hwei-Jang Yo (NCKU)
  • Chun-Yu Lin (NCHC)


  • Ms. Yi-Wen Fu
    (06) 2757575 ext. 65081

Previous Events

  • Mini-workshop on Space-time Physics (NCU, 2012)
  • Workshop on Frontiers of Gravitation and Cosmology (NCKU, 2011)
  • Autumn Mini-workshop of Focus Group on Gravitation (NCUE, 2010)